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Meet Matt

           Matt has lived in San Antonio for most of his life. Matt was born at his father's service station in Fort Dix, New Jersey. Shortly after that, his father completed a 22 year career in the Army and moved his family
back to his home state of Texas. Matt's family history runs deep in San Antonio. His ancestor, Jose Antonio Menchaca, was not only an Alamo defender but after the Texas revolution served as San Antonio's third Mayor. Much of his family keeps up the family tradition of service. Matt continues that tradition, doing what he can to serve his community.
          At an early age, Matt’s parents taught him self reliance and a sense of duty to those around him. He has been active in neighborhood activities since youth, from Boy Scouts to orchestra Matt loves to grow as an individual and spread that thirst for knowledge to those around him. From Larkspur elementary to Churchill high-school Matt holds San Antonio values.

          In college he worked as a volunteer with several organization, at SAyouth he worked with inner city children on the east side putting in over 1200 hours gearing them towards college. He served as President of UTSA’s Japanese Club and has volunteered with the East Asia Institute welcoming foreign diplomats in the city of San Antonio.
          He knows the value of honest work. In high school, he held down a job in property maintenance. He helped earn his way through college by bringing music and art to San Antonio. He graduated from UTSA with a Master’s Degree in Political Science.
          Matt has studied how government works and has seen up close in his many hours of community service how policies are implemented. Matt was on San Antonio's Transportation Advisory board and he recently ran for Texas Land Commission. He was the first Millennial on Texas's state wide ballot even receiving over a quarter million votes. He sees many in government treating symptoms  and not effectively addressing the underlying problems in our community. His broad perspective and upbringing among everyday Texans will help him focus policies that bring agency to each of our lives.
           He is running for Mayor to bring accountability, openness and fairness to the City of San Antonio.






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