@2017 Political Ad paid for by the Matt Piña Campaign.

       We are at a critical time in our lives. Children spend more time playing on their phones than playing in the park. Despite being college educated, millennials remain unemployed. Even after years of hard work, our senior citizens remain working. There was a time when there was class and honor in politics, where despite our differences, we came together to ensure that we created a world that was free and beautiful. The American people expected their politicians to act professionally and showcase themselves as something more than the average person.

      It's my belief that nothing is permanent. We are the best people at assessing and fixing the problems in our areas, not a central planner thousands of miles away. I promise that I will do what I can in ushering in a better society for our people, one where men and women have the chance to work, where youth gain a future and the old gain security. I will not stand up here and make empty promises, but what I can promise is this: I will fight for our homes tirelessly. I grew up here, I live here, and I want to make a difference to bring about the absolute best for Texas.

Let’s start by making a difference!


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